What is Rentlodex?
Is Rentlodex connected to an IDX or MLS feed? 
Do I have to pay to publish a listing on Rentlodex? 
How long will my listing be active on Rentlodex? 
What happens after I submit a listing?
Can I submit more than one listing?
Does Rentlodex feature international properties?

Rentlodex is a short-term rental and Airbnb investment property listings website that connects active buyers and investors with current sellers. Unlike other real estate portals, our website focuses exclusively on short-term rental properties, allowing buyers interested in becoming an Airbnb host to easily browse available property listings that are already being used as a short-term rental and/or currently generating income.

Whether you’re looking to invest in your next short-term rental or sell your existing income property, Rentlodex aims to be the most comprehensive marketplace for Airbnb-friendly property listings and short-term rentals for sale.

Yes. Along with featuring off-market properties and for sale by owner listings that can be uploaded for free, we are also connected to a number of IDX feeds that service markets all over the U.S. To accommodate this feature, we have partnership agreements in place with agents and brokers all over North America. If you’re interested in becoming a partner for your local market of MLS, contact us directly for more information. Please be advised, we only partner with 1 agent/broker per MLS in order to maximize value and lead generation for each partner. 

No. Listing a short-term rental property is COMPLETELY FREE, regardless of whether you’re the listing agent representing the property or a property owner who is simply testing the market.

We’re still testing different models, but currently, your listing will be active on Rentlodex for 90 days. If your property or listing still has not sold after 90 days, we’re happy to keep it on the website longer. But we feel it’s important buyers have the most relevant and up-to-date information possible when looking for their next investment and we want to be sure to cycle out sold listings within a reasonable amount of time from their sold date. 

Because we’re not connected to an automated data feed, remain a free service to real estate professionals and property sellers, and still need to keep administrative tasks and costs to a minimum, assigning flat 90-day timeline to each listing is what makes the most sense for us at this time.

As soon as your listing is submitted, our team will review all materials before your property is live and published on Rentlodex. All listing information must be accurate and photos must be high-quality in order to provider short-term rental buyers and investors with the best user-experience possible.

Any listing content that is submitted to Rentlodex must not include offensive, racist, vulgar, pornographic, discriminatory, defamatory, or abusive language or material. Additionally, content must also not be false or misleading, and any images submitted must be your own. Should content be submitted that is in violation of an existing copyright, Rentlodex reserves the right to remove such content immediately in order to adhere to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

Absolutely. If you’re a real estate agent or property owner with more than one short-term property currently on the market, we encourage you to feature each listing individually. Our goal is to provide short-term rental buyers with as many options as possible in order for them to make the perfect investment that fits their needs, wants, goals, and budget. 

If you’re a developer with multiple units available within the same project, building, or community, we’re happy to feature every individual unit you’re currently listing. But please make sure each listing submitted to Rentlodex is active and currently available for purchase. 

Right now our focus is mainly on short-term rentals for sale throughout the United States and Canada. However, we’re happy to help market an international property and will still work closely with sellers and international real estate agents to get your listing featured on Rentlodex. 

Our long-term goal is to expand into any and all short-term rental hotspots around the globe but not until we’ve established our brand and our value closer to home. 

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