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Why Savannah For An Airbnb Investment?

Savannah Tourism Stats + Info

Savannah, Georgia isn’t without its ironies. This thoroughly historic city attracts some of the world’s most modern and forward-thinking visitors each year, 14+ million of them to be exact. They flock to the city’s historic district to take in spots like Forsyth Park for a picnic or a concert under the open sky.

When it’s time to explore some more, visitors hop on the trolley for a city tour. For people staying in an Airbnb, a night of fun includes a meandering stroll down the cobblestone streets of the waterfront or a show at the Savannah Theatre. The city’s annual festivals, live entertainment, pristine beach, and gourmet food count as just a few of the reasons why Travel + Leisure ranked Savannah in the top 3 visitor destinations in the country.

Airbnb Regulations & Licensing

Savannah Short-Term Rental Info

Rules and regulations surrounding short-term rentals and using your property as an Airbnb are always changing and evolving in Savannah, Georgia. For the most up-to-date information regarding short-term rentals in Savannah, we encourage all investors to visit the city website to learn more about current licensing procedures and other important details.

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