A modern apartment building at sunset.
Canva Written by: Jill Jaracz The rental market in the U.S. has been on a roller coaster over the past two years, soaring to new highs in rents and plummeting to new lows in terms of vacancies. About 44 million people rent their homes, according to 2021 Census data. They choose to rent for various...
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Smaller rental homes have higher vacancies, data shows
Canva Written by: Dom DiFurio Property owners are having a harder time finding tenants for smaller rental homes, signaling a potential long-term shift in renter preferences. Rentlodex collected rental vacancy data from the Census Bureau’s Current Population Survey/Housing Vacancy Survey from March 9, 2021, to understand what characteristics determine whether a property is likely to...
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Canva Written by: Jill Jaracz Prospective home buyers know that when a house sits empty for months on the market, it’s a sign that an eager-to-sell owner might be ready to bargain. Unfortunately for current home buyers, the national homeowner vacancy rate—measured by the share of vacant homes for sale—is at 0.8% for the first...
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