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What is an A-Frame House?

Like the name suggests, an A-frame house is a residential structure with a tall triangular roof that forms the shape of an “A.” Because of their height, most A-frame homes feature at least two stories with the living room, kitchen, and bathroom on the main level and the bedroom(s) and potentially a second bathroom on the second floor. The front of an A-frame home tends to feature large windows that let in the bulk of the natural light given the sloped sides of the A-shaped roof also act as two of the home’s main walls. 

Where are A-Frame Homes Common? 

While you’ll find A-frame homes all over the world, they’re especially popular in lake, wooded, and mountainous areas here in the United States. The Northwoods of Wisconsin, New York’s Catskills, northern Maine, and all over Minnesota have a very high concentration of A-frame homes, partly because the heavily-sloped roof allows heavy snow to slide right back down to the ground. 

What is an A-Frame House?

Why Buy an A-Frame Home? 

First and foremost, A-frame homes are affordable. Most A-frames don’t have a large footprint, so square footage is limited. And if you’re looking to build a new construction home, A-frame homes are among the easiest to design, engineer, and ultimately build. As alluded to above, A-frame homes are perfect for cold, snowy climates, and they also all for lots of natural light, which is on the primary advantages to owning one. 

Can be more affordable

✓ Lots of natural light 

✓ Great for snowy climates

The Downsides of an A-Frame Home 

Like with anything real estate related, there are both pros and cons to A-frame homes. The downsides to living in an A-frame home include limited closet/storage space, awkward room dimensions, and smaller floor plans overall. 

Awkward ceiling dimensions 

✓ Limited storage space

✓ Smaller floor plans

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